GISH 2018 Scavenger Hunt List

1 – 11 POINTS – Feed a friend an entire bowl of jello or chocolate pudding using a plastic spoon while they are sitting in a chair wearing a white t-shirt. Oh, and you must be standing at least 3 feet away and you must feed your friend by “flicking” the jello into their mouth.

2 – 31 POINTS – TIMELAPSE. (Under 45 seconds) “X” marks the spot… in your heart! Your mission: Devise a treasure map and deliver it to someone you care about. The treasure is a letter telling them how they have changed your life for the better. Deliver it to them & document their hunt & discovery.

3 – 50 POINTS – IMAGE or VIDEO. Going to work can be the pits… ball pits, to be exact. Hold a serious, executive-level business meeting in an office-turned-ball-pit.

4 – 43 POINTS – We can’t stand idly by while commuters deal with stress & boredom! Set up a “Bubble-wrap Stress Relief” station at a subway or bus station.

5 – 53 POINTS – Puzzle. (

6 – 33 POINTS – Earn a gold medal in the Bellyflop Olympics. You must have judges and large score cards present.

7 – 50 POINTS – Side-by-side portraits of you as you see yourself and you as the person who loves you best sees you (the second portrait must be made by your loved one, and afterward, you do this for them, too – though you don’t have to submit that).

8 – 22 POINTS – Sour Patch Kids. (We don’t mean the candy. Actual kids.)

9 – 35 POINTS – The thesaurus is a type of dinosaur, and we don’t want to hear any so-called “evidence” to the contrary. Dig one up and prove us right.

10 – 65 POINTS – It’s time for GISH Global Secret Santa. Create a list of 10 things you wish you had that would make your life (or the life of someone you love) easier. Make sure you have some inexpensive things in there. Post this list in the “FAVORITE QUOTE” section of your profile on the GISH app. Then, click around app users near you to look for their wishlists. Try to find one that has an item that you have (or that you can acquire) and give it to them to make their life easier. Contact that gisher and tell them you want to gift them one of their items. Post an image of the gisher with the item you gave them before the end of the hunt (with a sign that has their username). Not on the GISH app? Get it at or do this one on social media instead, tagged #GISHSecretSanta.

11 – 49 POINTS – Children in the foster system often have no personal possessions. Fill a backpack with comforts, like a stuffed animal, blanket, a book, PJs, etc. and donate to your local foster organization. – Jennifer R H. (If you’ve already submitted with a pillowcase, you will still receive points.)

12 – 38 POINTS – (Up to 30 seconds) Perform the chorus to your favorite song or your personal anthem in sign language. Please subtitle the song so that those who don’t know sign language can follow along.

13 – 39 POINTS – (Up to 30 seconds) Laughter is contagious, and you’re “patient zero.” Lay on your back and have someone put their head on your stomach. Then keep adding to the chain of people (heads on stomachs) and make the longest chain of people you can— minimum 10 people. Then give a deep, sustained, belly laugh and let it ripple through your chain. Bonus points for the laughter chain with most participants, so spread the mirth like there is no cure. Post your video on social media using #GISHTHEBESTMEDICINE. Submit your video to us along with a link to your social media post in the comment field.

14 – 46 POINTS – Tom Cruise is getting up there in years— and at advanced ages, sliding on a slippery floor in your socks gives a whole new meaning to the term, “Risky Business.” But luckily, Gishers are here to help! Your mission possible: Use puffy paint to add tread to the bottoms of socks so seniors don’t slide their way into an injury at care facilities. Deliver them and show us a photo of your creation along with a gift recipient.

15 – 27 POINTS – What does it look like in your mind? Take us through a tour of your mind palace. (You may render or film this any way you wish. It’s your brain, after all.)

16 – 56 POINTS – Mis-quotes are so embarrassing! Everybody thinks Darth said, “ You are a part of the rebel alliance…” But what he really said was, “…the rebel appliance.” Show us how your toaster or vacuum helped vanquish the Dark side.

17 – 53 POINTS – It’s a FUNDRAISING FLASH FLOOD! Peace Tea has partnered with Random Acts to create a deluge of kindness messages across social media. For each like on their Instagram or Facebook “Peace Team’s” links (on the page below), they’ll donate $1. For each share on Facebook or comment on Instagram, they’ll donate $2 to Random Acts. Your assignment: Convince at least 10 people (including members of your team) to go to each post and like, comment and/or share. Then upload a single image compilation of screenshots with every person’s contribution so we can track it. Instagram Post #1,Instagram Post #2, Instagram Post #3, Facebook Post #1, Facebook Post #2, & Facebook Post #3

18 – 15 POINTS – Let’s see you in a situation that we have seen in a cartoon. Freeze frame the cartoon image next to your photo.

19 – 61 POINTS – (Up to 60 seconds). CALLING ALL GISHERS: There’s one Thing you have always wanted to do, but you’re scared. Maybe it’s skydiving, riding a motorcycle, holding a tarantula, singing in public, or cliff diving… You get the idea. By the end of GISH week at least 3 gishers on your team will spit in the eye of fear, vanquish it and do their Thing. Submit a video compilation of each member of your team first explaining what they are scared to try (before they do it) and then, after they Do the Thing, telling us how it went.

20 – 150 POINTS – CHANGE A LIFE. Each year, Gishers come together to “Change A Life”, making a profound positive impact in the life of someone facing extraordinary hardship. In the past, you’ve helped a wounded warrior rebuild his family’s life, rescued homeless Syrian refugee families, and saved a ballet school in a poverty-ridden township South Africa to help at-risk students.

This year, Random Acts is teaming with GISH and Giles Duley’s Legacy of War to help change the lives of women who’ve survived incredible hardship and loss: survivors of genocide in Rwanda.

Together, we’re going to help a group of 100 hardworking women (many of them widowed from the genocide) build a sustainable farming cooperative and market, allowing them to achieve their dream of economic stability and independence. We need to raise $108,000. Let’s do it!

We’ve created a Crowdrise page here: CHANGE A LIFE. DONATIONS ARE 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE, AND 100% OF THE DONATIONS GOES TO THE RWANDAN GENOCIDE SURVIVORS (for countries other than the U.S., deductions are contingent on your laws).

Your GISH Item is:

Using the link above, create a Fundraising “page” for your team, and get family, friends, and others can donate. Since this is GISH and there’s always an extra twist to everything we do, here’s the deal: we also want you to get OTHERS to donate to your Crowdrise page. We know you don’t need “points” as an incentive to help these families, but since it is part of the Hunt, we want to maximize the power of these points to help.

Get at least 10 donations from friends, family, individuals or businesses NOT on your team. You and your team members are welcome to donate to your campaign, but that is not a requirement for points— the Item requirement is to get at least 10 people to make a cumulative total of least 10 donations from donors who are NOT on your team. There is no minimum to donate for GISH purposes, but Crowdrise does require a minimum $10 donation be collected, and let’s all please encourage others to be generous so we can make a profound impact. SUBMIT a screenshot of your team’s page with a minimum of 10 donations on it. (To initially create a fundraising team, click the FUNDRAISE FOR THIS CAMPAIGN button.)

If for any reason your team is unable to (or chooses not to) join this Crowdrise campaign, you may still get points for this Item by collecting goods or volunteering at least two hours of your time with any relief organization providing relief to anyone directly impacted by acts of war— refugees, disabled veterans, etc. SUBMIT PROOF YOU HAVE DONE THIS.(108 POINTS)

If your team is in the top 10% of number of donations or dollar amount, you’ll receive double points for this Item, so get in on this.

21 – 53 POINTS – Use the GISH APP (Get it here!) for this item if possible. Starting on Tuesday morning at 9AM PDT change your avatar to your favorite painting by Cezanne, Monet or Van Gogh. Find someone on the planet (who is not on your team) who has uploaded the exact same painting. Don’t change your painting once you’ve picked it or plan out your painting in advance with other gishers. That’s not the point of this Item. Screenshot your profile page (and have them do the same) and then submit them side by side. Your team must have at least 6 individuals with matching paintings. (Not on the GISH App? Take on this Item on social media tagged #GISHWorkOfArt.)

22 – 71 POINTS – At night, project the text of a poem about inclusion, kindness, or empathy on the exterior of a Trump property. Abide by property and trespassing laws, where applicable. Bonus points if your poem was penned by an immigrant or member of a marginalized group.

23 – 40 POINTS – SAVE THE DATE! On Saturday, August 4, we’re going to meet up in Bellevue and attempt the impossible. You or as many proxies as you can drum up are invited. Bodies count, so invite everyone you can. More information about where you’re going and what you’ll need to bring is coming soon. It’s party time! Join us in Bellevue (exact location TBD) on August 4 from 2-5PM PT for the first ever GISH SOCK HOP as we attempt to break a Guinness World Record to help the homeless! This is a BYOS (Bring Your Own Socks) event. You must bring AT LEAST 10 pairs of new, packaged socks to the event (the more, the better). You must ALSO be wearing a pair of clean socks to join the party. Yes, your team may send a proxy or proxies to the event to participate. There may even be a special Surprise Guest there, so be there or be… hosed? Something like that. In the meantime, RSVP here: FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE

24 – 121 POINTS – Let’s commemorate the first-ever GISH with something lasting: Get a tattoo of yourself getting a tattoo.

25 – 51 POINTS – We’ve seen a dominatrix, but what about a domiKNITrix? Show us the whips, the chains, corsets, the… yarn? Yep. Everything must be lovingly handcrafted from yarn.

26 – 67 POINTS – TIMELAPSE. (Up to 45 seconds) IABDITN! Welcome to Mister Rogers’ Short-Attention-Span Neighborhood. In this busy world, we truncate & abbreviate all our media for quicker consumption so we have more time to improve our communities. Your assignment: Dress up as Mister Rogers and, at high speed, move through your neighborhood helping people & sprucing up the neighborhood (picking up trash, doing yard work, etc). WUBMN?

27 – 17 POINTS – Beard garden. – Sarah K.

28 – 46 POINTS – We’re always getting blamed for putting gishers in embarrassing or awkward situations, and we’re not even a little bit sorry. But there’s a difference between being awkward and being disrespectful, and we’d never disrupt the sanctity of a library! To prove it, perform silent karaoke at your local library: you can’t make a sound, but we demand full choreography, lip syncing, and star performance. Bonus points for full costumes and a backup (silent!) band. Remember: Shhh! Don’t make a sound!

29 – 21 POINTS – There’s a law in Switzerland that states that goldfish must have friends to swim around with and must live in aquariums that experience natural day and night cycles and have at least one opaque side. We think this is sensible. It’s time for equal habitat laws for your pets. Upgrade your pet’s habitat to give them the lavish lifestyle they deserve.

30 – 82 POINTS – TIMELAPSE (Up to 45 seconds). Two office workers in adjacent high-rise buildings are having a long-distance love affair, all via signs in their windows. Show the whole story: their meet-cute, the slow build, passion, heartbreak, reconciliation, and proposal or break-up (it’s up to you how you want their story to play out).

31 – 26 POINTS – They say you’re too old to do that, but who cares what “they” say? You’ve always wanted to do it, so Do it… and have a blast! Show us on social media using both hashtags: #GISH #NeverTooOld

32 – 98 POINTS – An ambulance or fire truck siren quartet. Yes, four vehicles. And yes, it should be musical. Caption your video with the name of the song they perform.

33 – 40 POINTS – Love is in the air. Literally. – Jasmine L.

34 – 42 POINTS – You’ve heard of finger painting, but nose painting is the latest rage in the art world. Using non-toxic paints, “nose-paint” a lovely realistic (not abstract!) painting on a large piece of paper or canvas. Submit a photo of the finished product next to your unwashed face. Bonus points if it’s a plein air painting you make in a busy public location.

35 – 41 POINTS – If there’s something more adorable than a “sock monkey hat”, we don’t know what that is. It for sure can’t be a sock chicken hat or a sock slug hat… or can it? Create the new sock-animal hat the world has been waiting for.

36 – 99 POINTS – It’s Home Improvement time! Why are toilets always white? Beautify a toilet with mosaic tile (either with broken tiles or tiny tiles) to give it some vitality and warmth.

37 – 34 POINTS – You’re late for your portrait sitting for that world-famous painting… at least 200 years late, to be exact. Get dressed up in garb that is compatible with the other characters (or setting) in a painting from the 1800s or earlier and photoshop yourself into the composition. Double bonus points if you actually go to a museum and use forced-perspective & costuming cleverness to make it appear that you were always a part of the painting (frame and all).

38 – 41 POINTS – Create a stunning wind chime using unique household items. – Hannah T.

39 – 22 POINTS – Create at least one MISSING flyer for a “LOST TRAIN OF THOUGHT” with at least 15 tear-off tabs at the bottom; on each tab should be your team name and a single, repeated word— it can be a verb, noun, conjunction— you get the idea. Post the location of your flyer(s) on the GISH app AND social media tagged #LostTrainOfThought, then search for other teams’ flyers and collect at least 3 tear-off tabs from 3 different flyers (don’t take more than one tab off any flyer you find and don’t tear a tab of your team’s flyer). Arrange the pieces you’ve collected into a short statement or short collaborative poem, which you should submit as an image. The more unique tabs you collect from different flyers, the higher the points you’ll receive.

40 – 55 POINTS – Sure, birdhouses are great, but modern urban birds need more diversity in housing. Create a bird high rise apartment building, bird trailer park, or bird McMansion.

41 – 28 POINTS – Find the answer to a question you’ve been wondering about since you were a child. If it’s not clear, caption your submission with the mystery you’ve finally been able to solve after all these years. PS: You’re not allowed to Google it. No search engines or technology allowed. Find out some other way. – Inspired by Kaela R.

42 – 21 POINTS – As appreciation for their selfless community contribution of carting/ferrying/driving passengers around safely, gift a public transportation driver with a stunning, intricate twig and floral crown. Pose next to them (in your matching crown) while they wear it.

43 – 60 POINTS – Modern stormtroopers are so much more enlightened these days. They’re in touch with their “new age” side and have their chakras aligned. In fact, you just spotted one teaching a yoga class or leading some other new-age class.

44 – 31 POINTS – Wearing a melon on your melon is the cool new fashion trend. At a Farmers Market, sport the most intricate “Melon Hat” the world has ever seen.

45 – 52 POINTS – Make a super scary movie trailer of a visit to somewhere completely boring or normal (like a DMV – but now you can’t use that). You are not allowed to use any “jump scare” scare tactics, or actors. The suspense can only be created via how you shoot ordinary objects or people, and the score.

46 – 62 POINTS – Take a kitchen appliance such as a blender, toaster, coffee pot, etc. and transform it into something else that functions in a different (but highly useful) way. – Kristen C.

47 – 26 POINTS – It’s time for the Toothpick Stick Figure Olympics! Showcase toothpick stick figures engaging in Olympic sports as the judges look on (archery, basketball, skiing, fencing, figure skating, etc.).

48 – 67 POINTS – Connect with at least 6 people from opposing teams in your area to create a human rainbow in a public space. Each team’s representative(s) must be entirely clad in a different color, (one team should be red, one orange, yellow, green, blue, purple). All participating teams get the points. Somewhere in the picture, include a sign with a message of love, unity, and support for the LGBTQIA members of our community. Accompanying text must list usernames of all participants. Post your rainbow moment on social media using: #GISHumanity

49 – 21 POINTS – Make a portrait of an actor, politician, or public figure that inspires you most out of flower petals. Then, tweet a picture or post an Instagram picture of your portrait to them with the hashtag #GISHspired.

50 – 18 POINTS – I can’t believe you balanced that many rocks in one pillar in your backyard!

51 – 14 POINTS – Misha is always trying to prove that anything with raisins is much better! CLEARLY he’s wrong. Using raisins, show us what shouldn’t go together with raisins and then eat it. #RaisinChallenge – Putri N.

52 – 26 POINTS – Helicopter parents.

53 – 61 POINTS – Are you fast enough to break the space-time continuum? It’s time to find out. Run down the clock & run out of time… literally. Go for a jog or move backward through the ages; as you run, your surroundings must reflect different historical eras. (You can use green screen for this if you wish).

54 – 144 POINTS – “Love lifts us up where we belong.” Now that you’re getting hitched, it’s time to make the cliche a reality. Create a fully decorated wedding cake that is also a fully functioning rocket. The cake must be at least 3 layers high, made of real cake, and traditionally decorated, and must be successfully launched at least 6 feet in the air—the higher it goes, the better.

55 – 31 POINTS – Using only skittles soaked in water for paint, create a portrait of Jensen Ackles on watercolor paper.

56 – 23 POINTS – Put giant googly eyes (must be over 3 feet in diameter) on an excavator or digger. Let’s see a video of it in action. – Stephanie P.

57 – 31 POINTS – It’s time for the annual Great Grandmother Rocking Chair Derby!

58 – 138 POINTS – Finally, art has come to the ocean world: the first underwater museum has opened up, and it’s time to celebrate. Hold an underwater art gallery cocktail party in its honor complete with art, cocktail gowns, suits, and fish-friendly hors-d’oeuvres. Bonus points if you hold it AT the Underwater Museum.

59 – 269 POINTS – Elon Musk sent a car up to space recently and frankly, we think that’s a little irresponsible without the proper infrastructure in place. Send a traffic cone up into space to help Musk’s robot keep to the rules of the highway in the stratosphere. You may not photoshop this item. Tweet yours to @elonmusk tagged #SafeSpaceMatters

60 – 48 POINTS – A wine-glass-orchestra of no less than 10 performers playing “Carry On Wayward Son”.

61 – 27 POINTS – A moving soliloquy from Oedipus T-Rex.

62 – 21 POINTS – Your personal Manifestoast. Post your mission statement or motto of least 3 words, clearly readable and charred into the surface of a piece of bread.

63 – 47 POINTS – As the ancient Greeks knew, there’s nothing like a classy wine tasting event to help you relax after a busy week. Play a game of kottabos at an upscale wine tasting event; all participants must, of course, be dressed in white.

64 – 41 POINTS – On Twitter, @EugeneLeeYang submitted a proposal to have a gathering of people in blue jeans in Eugene, OR. While brilliant, we think this effort should be more inclusive. Gather as many people as you can named after a city or town in the city or town named for them with an obvious tie-in. (Franciscan monks in San Francisco, Angels in Los Angeles, and so on.) Bonus points to the biggest gathering and most awesome tie-in.

65 – 46 POINTS – The new reality show “The Push”, explores whether people can be pressured into committing a heinous act. We at the Hunt believe that people are basically good, and we want you to prove it: go Goodwill Hunting! In the style of “The Push,” but with the opposite result, convince a complete stranger to commit an act of extreme altruism and catch it on camera. They must not know they are part of the Hunt, but you must get their permission afterward to share the video.

66 – 52 POINTS – Three high-powered executive women creating a mural of a famous historical female icon on the surface of an open door.

67 – 71 POINTS – It’s time to exorcise… get thee to a cycling class! A priest, nun, or other representative of any faith usually called upon to perform exorcisms, in full traditional costume leading a spin class.

68 – 60 POINTS – Create a handmade replica of a widely-known website homepage in needlepoint.

69 – 22 POINTS – Hemingway was (falsely) credited with writing a six-word “novel.” Of course that’s obscenely ambitious and can’t be done. Let’s tackle something more manageable. Write a rhyming, metered poem that captures all of the pivotal moments in human history starting with the invention of stone tools leading to the invention of the smartphone. Finished poem must be between 50 and 100 words.

70 – 80 POINTS – Extreme Crane Games, Part 1: Construct a tiny but fully operational arcade-style crane game capable of picking up a single grain of sand. Show us your microscopic treasure at 250x magnification.

71 – 160 POINTS – Extreme Crane Games, Part 2: Play a giant crane game using an actual crane, and some fanciful, out-of-place item. It could be a tree hoisted by a crane, or a playground structure, a giant (and we mean GIANT) teddy bear, etc…

72 – 79 POINTS – It’s Friday night… time to get sloshed! Wear your finest basic black scuba gear to a dance club, rowdy bar or high-end black-tie social gathering.

73 – 86 POINTS – Let’s see a giant human pinball game. It must begin with two people with brooms or paddles that flick a person who hits into other people, obstacles or ramps, while yelling out “DING!” or other victory/loss/impact sounds whenever they are hit by the person portraying the “ball”. Sound confusing? Great. Go nuts. Bonus: Intercut your video with shots from above (such as a drone’s perspective) so we can see the whole “pinball” game in action.

74 – 77 POINTS – Perfectly cosplay with 5 of your friends as the Blue Angels fighter jet squad. Perform a dramatic formation maneuver for an unsuspecting crowd. Bonus points: Complete this Item at an air show.

75 – 49 POINTS – TIMELAPSE. Icarus isn’t the only winged legend who shouldn’t fly too close to the sun. Create a wax figure of Castiel (complete with wings). Then, in timelapse, slowly melt him. Set it to your favorite dramatic score.

76 – 29 POINTS – A Möbius stripper working the pole.

77 – 17 POINTS – In ancient Greek theater, the Greek Chorus was a popular way for people to keep track of what was going on, and it’s time we brought it back. With 3 or more other gishers, dress identically and comment in unison on the action of shoppers and checkout clerks at a local shopping market.

78 – 54 POINTS – STOP-MOTION. A matryoshka doll set of at least 3 Supernatural characters.

79 – 65 POINTS – Dressed in a robe, slippers, and curlers, a cliche, stereotypical “housewife” curling (the sport) in a mall. For her “sweepers”, (there should be two), get cliché, stereotypical lazy househusbands.

80 – 50 POINTS – We just don’t see enough carolers in the summer. Where do they go? The beach, of course, just like everyone else! With at least 3 other gishers, go caroling on a crowded beach. Your attire and songs must be strongly winter and holiday themed.

81 – 49 POINTS – (Up to 30 seconds). Recite a poem backward (so it can be heard correctly if played in reverse). The first part of your video must be you saying the poem in reverse and then the second part, the same recording played backward so we can hear it the right way. You may NOT use technology to play the poem in reverse – you must recite it backward yourself. – Kaia M.

82 – 41 POINTS – Extreme cakes and marble-poured cakes are all the rage. Combine the best of both by creating a pour cake of the David or another famous marble sculpture. The finished cake must be at least 1 foot high; after you have photographed it, cut it up and share the sweetness of art with someone.

83 – 30 POINTS – In Japanese traditional aesthetics, the term wabi-sabi is a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection and is sometimes described as one of beauty that is “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete”. Each day of the Hunt week, collect small items that represent this notion to you and create a still life out of them to celebrate life’s so-called “flaws” and all.

84 – 28 POINTS – It’s time we brought fore-edge fresco landscape painting into the 21st century. Create a fore-edge painting on a book’s leaves that is invisible normally, but at the proper angle reveals a scene from Supernatural.

85 – 38 POINTS – Simone Giertz makes purposely useless things, which we here at GISH think is a pretty useful skill set, but we also think uselessness should be carbon neutral & sustainable. Make your own useless thing out of 100% repurposed or recycled materials & show its (dis)use.

86 – 35 POINTS – If you’re blue & you don’t know where to go to, why don’t you go where fashion sits? Putin on the Ritz. Create a portrait of Vladimir Putin on a single Ritz cracker.

87 – 60 POINTS – Fashion isn’t dead! It’s time for spectral beings to hit the runway. Show us a ghost fashion show on real fashion show runway with an audience.

88 – 27 POINTS – Banana blacklight messages. As all gishers know, bananas emit fluorescence as they decompose. Score the skin of a banana so that when it starts to brown, the edges, under blacklight, reveal a portrait of a really rotten political figure from history.

89 – 92 POINTS – A robot that applies lipstick to a person’s lips. The person must remain still while the robot moves, and the robot must be remote operated and be an actual robot, not someone’s arm dressed as a robot.

90 – 95 POINTS – Your GISH team looks great in that slotted mailbox, like at a post office, with each box open to display a team member crammed inside. We must see your faces!

91 – 66 POINTS – There are some places it’s practically impossible to have a tea party; but you pulled it off. -Khai K.

92 – 67 POINTS – Chocolate love. Miniature chocolate bust sculptures of Misha and the Queen.

93 – 56 POINTS – They say people and their pets tend to start to look alike. Prove it. Cosplay as your pet. (It should be really hard to tell who’s who.) Post your image to social media tagged #GISHPetPals.

94 – 69 POINTS – The 80s are making a comeback, so let’s get Physical! Go with a friend to a Crossfit gym to work out in full 1980s attire: the leotards, the leg warmers, the teased hair… Bonus points if you can get a bonafide 1980s rockstar to perform with you.

95 – 82 POINTS – This year’s Grand GISH Gala is all about celebrating your shine and sparkle–sustainably. Let’s see your most beautiful homemade gown or tuxedo made completely from things taken from your recycling bin. Foil, tin cans, plastics, etc. Go for sparkle and shine, and show up on the red carpet of the gala.

96 – 31 POINTS – There’s something that happened in the past that haunts you. It’s time to light that sucker on fire and let it go. Write down your memory and wrap it in newspaper. Tape 20 matchsticks all around it and place it on a stack of wood. Light it and let it go in a fireplace, firepit or fire-safe area. Let’s see a picture of you and the burning item, or just the big burn. Caption your image however you wish.

97 – 50 POINTS – (Up to 30 seconds). You and a friend must reenact your favorite avian mating ritual. Narration of the seductive scene should mimic David Attenborough. -Christine G.

98 – 24 POINTS – Show us what pets really do when they are alone – Stefanie W.

99 – 60 POINTS – Let’s see a close-up picture of your bowl of cereal (at that point when somehow you’ve managed to eat most of the floaty cereal and there’s only weird tasting milk left and a few odd shaped cereal pieces). But in this milky-sea, let’s see a scene from a hollywood movie: A tiny pirate ship battle ala Pirates of the Caribbean, a bloody shark attack from Jaws, or that scene in the Titanic where Jack decided there was no way for him to get up on the piece of plywood with Rose (even though there clearly was).

100 – 29 POINTS – Let’s see a freshly baked pair of “high-top shoes” made entirely of freshly baked bread. Prove that they fit your feet perfectly.

101 – 64 POINTS – Recent public personalities have been known to fake a Time magazine cover, which is terribly vain… but admittedly makes for great promotion. Jump on the bandwagon and award someone you admire a Person of the Year cover! Create a replica of Person of the Year Time cover shot of your friend or loved one, captioned with one thing that they have done that makes them remarkable or unique. It can be broadly significant, like “She selflessly teaches dozens of children each year!” or it can be subtle “best tooth flosser in America”. When you’re done, tweet it to @time with #GISHPersonOfTheYear

102 – 52 POINTS – We warned you in the Commandments. They’re coming. Pick a fight… a pillow fight. Go to a park where there are multiple people with a big garbage bag (or more) filled with pillows. Pull out a pillow and challenge the bystanders to a pillow fight. You are not allowed to know any of them… or hurt any of them.

103 – 43 POINTS – Walk a dog at a local shelter. Take a picture of you and the dog in front of a sign in the shelter. Post it on social media and mention the shelter in your post with #adoptdontshop and #GISHRescue.

104 – 15 POINTS – A strand of DNA, made out of jeans.

105 – 61 POINTS – A group of 30 people or more in business suits performing “Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes” in front of a Fortune 500 company’s corporate office. (Multiple teams may collaborate on this item).

106 – 61 POINTS – Those childhood music lessons are finally paying off! Visit a local children’s hospital to perform a concert for the patients. In case you’ve forgotten your specialty: you play the nose flute or the armpit, and you’re a MASTER. Make sure you bring extra nose flutes & give out lessons. If the hospital doesn’t let you record a video you may take a picture. If they don’t let you do this, you may do it outside the hospital but you will experience terrible Karma if you lie about doing it.

107 – 58 POINTS – TIMELAPSE. Using ice cubes made opaque by adding milk and dyed with food coloring, create a large mosaic of Donald Trump’s face. Behind the cubes is a written message. When the ice melts, the message is revealed. (Start the video with the completed mosaic, not its construction.)

108 – 39 POINTS – (Up to 30 seconds). As a child, a parent or adult fostered a skill in you that you still cherish to this day. Teach it to another young person (make sure you get the permission of the young person’s parent if they appear in your submission), and make a video of the lesson explaining why it stuck with you & was important to you to share. (After the Hunt, be sure to share your video with the person who taught you if you can.)

109 – 64 POINTS – Hunger & food insecurity are big problems in the US and many other countries, but the US alone throws away an estimated 38 million tons of usable food every year. Partner with a local farmers’ market, restaurant, bakery, or grocer, (or, if you have fruit or vegetable plants with surplus, yourself) to rescue produce or goods that are still consumable but would otherwise be discarded and donate them to a soup kitchen, homeless individuals, or other food pantry that can accept them. Submit a picture of you, dressed as a scarecrow, with your donations in front of the place you are donating them.

110 – 51 POINTS – A string quartet in formal black attire, playing horrendously in a public area (such as a mall). The sign next to them reads, “NEED LESSONS- PLEASE HELP.” Any funds collected should be donated to a local children’s music program. (Note: Please remember your Commandments & ensure busking is legal wherever you set up.)

111 – 19 POINTS – I’ve read the dictionary hundreds of times and frankly, it’s gotten predictable. It’s time for a sequel, and Gishers should write it! Coin a new word that is longer than 10 letters (the more the better!). The word must be lexically accurate – no-nonsense words or words that are really one long sentence all smashed together. You must be able to break your new word down into root words, and you must give the definition. Use it correctly in a sentence.

112 – 83 POINTS – Two US senators or House reps— one Republican, one Democrat— playing a game of “Connect Four”. The checkers must be red and blue. If either wins, nobody wins.

113 – 44 POINTS – As all Gishers know, the form that acting took at the beginning of the 20th century was called the Delsarte style, a flamboyant exaggerated acting style (think of the fawning caricatures in silent movies). Take a scene from a contemporary film or tv show and re-enact it in the Delsartian style.

114 – 39 POINTS – Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! (

115 – 70 POINTS – In Athens, GA, lives the Jackson Oak, a tree that owns the land under & around it. We at GISH applaud its individualistic spirit & feel more natural objects should stop squatting and take this responsible approach to home ownership. Get a tiny parcel of land legally, officially awarded to a plant, pebble, boulder, or other squatter.

116 – 28 POINTS –

117 – 63 POINTS – It was recently discovered that Jupiter has 12 new moons: 11 “normal” ones and one “oddball.” The scientists have named it Valetudo, but we think “GISH” is a better moniker. Create a persuasive video or image pitch to get @NASA to name the oddball “GISH” and convince them to do it. Bonus points if your team is credited with successfully getting NASA to name the moon for you.

118 – 48 POINTS – You know Winnie the Pooh. But have you met his cousin Vinnie da Pooh? Show us a page from the book about Poohbear’s mob-boss cousin.

119 – 26 POINTS – You can use Photoshop for this one… At GISH, we’re all about unity and helping to bridge divides and make connections. In the spirit of this, create a creature out of divergent things: species that don’t get along, political leaders… you get the idea.

120 – 70 POINTS – (Up to 20 seconds). Get a group of friends together to do water ballet to a heavy metal song. -Jessica R.

121 – 39 POINTS – The sun is setting, and it needs someone to help put it to sleep. Using perspective and props, make sure it’s all tucked in and ready for bed and read it “Goodnight, Moon”. -Inspired by Layal J.

122 – 26 POINTS – Your mission: Deploy a Molotov cocktail of kindness (no fire allowed).

123 – 81 POINTS – I always say, even monks like to twerk. But I still need documented proof to support this hypothesis for an academic paper I’m working on. Show us you twerking with a couple of monks in a monastery. – Stefanie S.

124 – 30 POINTS – Take a picture of yourself dressed as your state bird holding your state flower. (For example: in Michigan, dress as a Robin and get a picture next to an apple blossom.) If you live outside the US dress as your country’s bird with your country’s flower. – Rheja H.

125 – 80 POINTS – In Los Angeles, food trucks are really popular, but I don’t think your mobile shopping purchases should be limited to food. Set up a “food truck” for your neighborhood that offers Compliments, Encouragement, Friendship, Education, Literacy, or something else that feeds the soul. Decorate your van or truck with signage accordingly.

126 – 67 POINTS – In Rwandan culture, there exists a principle called Umuganda (from the Kinyarwanda word meaning, “coming together in common purpose to achieve an outcome.”) The last Saturday of every month, all citizens of Rwanda must all come together to participate in Umuganda for 3 hours to complete a difficult task to help the community. I think the world could use more of this, so at the risk of cultural appropriation I’m implementing it for GISH. Identify something in your community that needs to be fixed and then, organize members of your community to meet from 5pm – 9pm in your time zone on Saturday, August 4 (unless your time zone falls past the deadline. Come together to improve one thing in your community: plant a garden, do a cleanup or improvement project, or find something that needs to be fixed and work together to fix it. Participation is key: the more hands on your project, the more points you get, so scramble to get as many people as you can in on this.

127 – 46 POINTS – Create a Little Free Library or Little Free Pantry in your community. One catch: include a bookmark in every book explaining why you included it & something spoiler-free you love about that book, and each shelf-stable food item you stock in the pantry must include a note with a recipe and words of encouragement. – Inspired by April B.

128 – 102 POINTS – Paint yourself so that your torso appears to be transparent but your legs and head are normal as you stand in front of a large printed advertisement. A billboard, or a storefront, or an advertisement at a bus stop, etc. It should look like we can see right through you.

129 – 18 POINTS – Remember your favorite childhood book? Get a copy, write a note on the inside cover explaining why you loved the book so much, and gift it to a child. – Nicole W.

130 – 25 POINTS – Your resume says you’re a Dreamweaver. Prove it: Create an image from that dream you had last night, handwoven on a loom.

131 – 60 POINTS – Build a working vehicle propelled only by Mentos and Diet Coke.

132 – 132 POINTS – We throw a lot of parties to celebrate anniversaries or birthdays, but we just don’t throw enough random gratitude surprise parties. This year, we’re changing that. Collaborate with other teams to meet up and throw a surprise “gratitude party” for someone in your community who deserves it: soldiers at your local VA hospital, first responders, hospital staff, or even just a particularly giving member of your community.

133 – 45 POINTS – During 2017 gishwhes, Item 183 involved picking a point of interest and generating a QR Code labelled “taken by CFG.” It’s time to put it in action. This morning your team will be emailed a random secret code leading to a location somewhere in the world. Have one of your teammates or get someone else to visit the location and perform a random act of kindness there — what it is is up to you, based on the location. It could be cleaning up the area, doing something nice for a pedestrian nearby, planting a flower… you get the idea. Submit a picture of you holding up a sign in front of the location that says your team name, the act of kindness and “Captured by GISH.” If the act of kindness is too long to write on a sign, put it in the comment section when you upload your submission.

134 – 30 POINTS – shinrin-yoku is the Japanese practice of “forest bathing.” Take a forest bath – literally – in the middle of a forest clearing in a tub that’s filled with pine needles and leaves.

135 – 70 POINTS – (Up to 60 seconds) Interview a refugee local to you, asking about those things in their home country that they most sorely miss— food or recipes, songs, etc. Then, work to provide a little bit of home for them to make sure they know they are welcome. (If you don’t have access to a local refugee, my new friend, Milana Vayntrub, works with this great organization that has some lists you can draw from to help, as well: Document what you got and for whom.

136 – 30 POINTS – Apparently, the U.S. Department of Defense will soon add a new branch – the Space Force. Along with a whole new set of space vehicles, space lasers (Pew! Pew! Pew!), and space food, the Space Force will also need all the other accouterments of a full-blown bureaucracy… including uniforms. Create a utilitarian Space Force uniform that incorporates all the features that a well-outfitted Space Force recruit will need to be well-prepared for deployment to, well, space.

137 – 53 POINTS – Let an octopus use your GoPro. You are not allowed to harm the octopus in any way. Send us the edited footage. -Inspired by Margo

138 – 64 POINTS – We have recently seen the emergence of mega-farms, huge efforts that implement farming on an industrial scale. Let’s go the other way! Show us your version of a micro-garden. The tinier and more ornate, the better.

139 – 35 POINTS – Create a “For Your Consideration” poster or ad pleading for Misha Collins to be honored by the Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes or Tonys… with one caveat: the letter must not sing his praises in any way. Instead, it should implore the judges to take pity on him. For example, it could read something like this: “We know Misha’s not Oscar material, but the poor guy has been at it a while and he does genuinely seem to try occasionally…”

140 – 12 POINTS – Decorate your office/cubicle as a planet (no large asteroids, comets, or minor planets, because we are just kinda picky like that). It must be decorated as a real planet, either from our Solar System or another one. For a list of the 3,774 (and counting!) known exoplanets, check out the NASA Exoplanet Archive. – Dave Lavery

141 – 48 POINTS – The Exxon Valdez oil spill occurred nearly 30 years ago, but despite the clean-up, you can still find signs of the spilled petroleum along the tidal areas in Prince William Sound, Alaska ( And it’s not just Alaska, there have been spills around the world for decades. Go to a spill site and clean residue from the shore, or volunteer to help remove oil from affected wildlife. Make sure you collaborate with your local park rangers so you don’t accidentally hurt the ecosystem in your effort to help. Show us two images side-by-side before and after with you in both photos.

142 – 52 POINTS – You know those roadside historical markers you drive by quickly while on your way to the art supply store, never bothering to read the details about how Jerry Lee Lewis stopped at this location to change a tire on his 1972 Cadillac Eldorado? Yeah, we think those things are a little bit boring too… It’s time to spice things up a bit. Make and place your own historical marker, documenting an event from your life of real importance. (Like where you had your first kiss, the place where you learned to tie your shoes, or where your mom bought crayons for your first day of school.) Make it look as much like those other historical markers as you can. Fool the public into thinking it was put up by your parks department.

143 – 65 POINTS – Put wings on something that absolutely should not fly, and prove that it can. Like the Chairplane, but different… and it must actually fly. No photoshop, no tricks.

144 – 39 POINTS – Out there somewhere, there’s a special child who is just about to give up on magic. Don’t let it happen! Find out something they secretly (or not-so-secretly) believe in and help bring it to life for them. Whether it’s a wizard, a pirate ship, a space adventure, a fairy princess, or more, help keep magic alive!

145 – 49 POINTS – Every year, my gran can’t make up her mind about whether we should invade Roland Park Place with a GISH item. This year, she told us we shouldn’t do it because Roland Park Place is under remodel, so in the spirit of GISH, we’re doing it anyway! Show up on Wednesday or Thursday between 10AM-12PM or 1PM-3PM at Roland Park place disguised as a construction worker. Bring small, individually wrapped pre-packaged (not homemade!) treats for the residents (like miniature candy bars), flowers, magnifying reader glasses, or a sweet drawing from a child that has something written on it like “Roland Park Place, The Happiest Place on Earth”, (or ideally something more imaginative, but definitely upbeat.) Be cognizant of the construction & please don’t be intrusive. Also, because I’m not committed to pure nepotism, you can do this at any senior care facility if no one on your team can make it to Roland Park Place.

146 – 32 POINTS – Last year, we snubbed Sweden in our location-based items, causing a gisher to write in to complain. We will not exclude Sweden this year! Apparently, spontaneous dancing is illegal in Sweden. Dance your heart out to Abba’s Dancing Queen in a public space in Sweden. If you run into trouble with the police, tell them, “it’s not spontaneous, it’s premeditated.”

147 – 55 POINTS – We rescued animals this year! To celebrate, brush your cat or dog, then use the fur you collect to create a portrait of your favorite actor. Take a picture of your pet with this new portrait and post on social media with the actor’s handle. Submit both the image and a link to your post. – Birgitt J.

148 – 31 POINTS – Dressed as a Garden Gnome Superfan, get a selfie with Lampy the Garden Gnome at Lamport Hall (you know, the one who started them all).

149 – 38 POINTS – Hold a unicorn funeral at the Unicorn Caves of Germany’s Harz Mountains. As you know, unicorns and hope never actually die, so this should be a joyful, celebratory affair.

150 – 8 POINTS – Kiss someone (consensually, of course) in front of the Gänseliesel in Göttingen.

151 – 30 POINTS – SLOW-MOTION (Up to 30 seconds). Glitter. Confetti. Lotion. Trampoline. Go.

152 – 84 POINTS – Many hands make light work. A car is parked nose-in-angled toward the curb, but the rear wheel is 4 ft from curb. Using brute strength, pick up the rear of vehicle and align it so the car is parallel to the curb.

153 – 19 POINTS – As you know, the latest nail trend is the Jared Pedi-lecki: paint your big toe to look exactly like Jared Padalecki, complete with tufts of real hair. Or, if this seems vile to you, you may do this with any of the Supernatural cast or any prominent politician or musician.

154 – 27 POINTS – A carnivorous plant, a severed finger or two on the ground nearby, and an adjacent sign that shows us the thought bubble of what the plant is thinking.

155 – 52 POINTS – Using only the contents of your spice cabinet, create a portrait of one (or all) of the Spice Girls – Kasey H.

156 – 11 POINTS – TIMELAPSE. Take a photo of yourself every day this week and create a time lapse to show how the Hunt has changed you (or aged you).

157 – 71 POINTS – There’s an old Roger Miller song that has the following lyrics: Ya can’t roller skate in a buffalo herd, But you can be happy if you’ve a mind to, Ya can’t take a shower in a parakeet cage, But you can be happy if you’ve a mind to, Well, ya can’t go a-swimmin’ in a baseball pool, But you can be happy if you’ve a mind to, Ya can’t drive around with a tiger in your car, But you can be happy if you’ve a mind to, Ya can’t go fishin’ in a watermelon patch, But you can be happy if you’ve a mind to… Now you’ll notice that the song has the upbeat refrain: You can be happy, if you’ve a mind to, but I think the overarching message is quite negative. He’s telling people over and over what they CAN’T do, and nothing drives me crazier than that kind of pessimistic messaging. Let’s prove Roger Miller wrong and do one of the things his song tells us we can’t (be careful, please, especially with the buffalo and tigers.). Set your video to music. The music, of course, should be the corresponding section of the Roger Miller song we are discussing.

158 – 41 POINTS – My great, great grandfather invented the first mechanical adding machine, the comptometer. Calculate who owes what and the tip after your meal at a diner using a comptometer on the table.

159 – 13 POINTS – Email a pizza.

160 – 82 POINTS – A full symphony orchestra playing carry on my wayward son being conducted by either a child under the age of 6, a non-human primate, or a dog. The symphony must play to the conductor’s rhythm. -Inspired by Dave Lavery

161 – 31 POINTS – (35 seconds) Someone in your life isn’t a morning person. Arrive at their home at 4:30AM sharp and take them for a run. They must have slept in their jogging clothes and we must see you rouse them from bed get their shoes on and get them out of the house and onto a sidewalk or road running in a continuous, unedited video. They must really be awakened by you, too… We will have a sleep psychologist (we have multiple on staff) evaluating this video for authenticity.

162 – 53 POINTS – A painting of Castiel alive in the time of dinosaurs. (You may do this with traditional media or digitally.)

163 – 33 POINTS  – The Flat Earth society says Australia doesn’t exist. Prove them right (or wrong.) Perform an experiment to prove your hypothesis! Bonus points if you can measure the diameter of the Earth to within 10% of its actual value. No fudging numbers – just like in school, you have to show how you arrived at your answer! – Bobak Ferdowsi, System Engineer, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

164 – 21 POINTS – Bake a cabbage pie, then calculate volume of a single slice of the cabbage pie using Pi. Show your work.

165 – 64 POINTS – As you know, postal services are run mostly by elves. Show what they get up to after hours and a few too many spiked egg nogs.

166 – 33 POINTS – UPDATE: Screenshot. We love the inclusiveness we’re seeing on this item, but let’s face it, internet memes are fleeting (and this one is SO yesterday). Today, create a meme of your own invention to promote diversity & inclusion. Post it tagged #GISHMeme. If you already submitted this item, you will get points. If you already submitted this item, you will get points. If you already posted a meme, create a collage of the posts you made to get the points-just be sure the Likes you get total 400.

167 – 50 POINTS – Get at least 100 citizens of voting age in your country to pledge to you that they will vote in the next upcoming election publicly on social media. If your pledges are from US citizens, they must additionally pledge to register to vote or, if they are already registered, confirm their registration status in the next 10 days because many states are purging voters from the registration roles. If you are not registered to vote, encourage them to register as an absentee voter, because it’s easier and you don’t have to show up to the polls on election day. Your job in doing this item is to both collect the pledges and to pledge to remind your pledges to vote in the week prior to the next election in question. Submit your proof in the form of a collage of 100+ pictures of people holding up “I WILL VOTE!” signs along with their proof of registration (personal information redacted).

168 – 33 POINTS – Work with a child under 12 years-old to write notes of love and encouragement for motorists. Place them in official-looking envelopes marked “GISH Dept. of Parking Salutations” and put them on the windshields of cars together. Show us your little parking fairies at work or with one of their notes.

169 – 48 POINTS – As humans explore the universe, we’re going to want to bring our pet companions with us – design a spacesuit for your favorite furry animal and take them on a mini adventure. – Bobak Ferdowsi, System Engineer, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

170 – 25 POINTS – They say “don’t color on the walls.” We say, “Don’t tell us what to do!” Conspire with at least one child under the age of 10 to create a mural on a wall in your house. The child is 100% in charge of the design & execution.

171 – 25 POINTS – CLUE: E tu, Caesar? wpvq ecguct, ngvvweg tgpfgt. pqv ocpa rgqrng mpqy vjku, dwv tqockpg vqicu ygtg cnn vjg tcig kp ecguct’u fca. nwemkna, aqw lwuv hqwpf c rcig htqo cp cpekgpv tqocp hcujkqp ecvcnqi. oqfgn c tqockpg ngvvweg vqic.

172 – 46 POINTS – What better for wicking than wicker? Your workouts in the gym have really improved ever since you got that new high-performance active wicker workout gear.

173 – 26 POINTS – A Steel wool muffler. Not the kind that goes on your car… The kind you wear.

174 – 38 POINTS – Ride the Dodo Manège dressed as an endangered animal.

175 – 29 POINTS – Of refugees coming to Italy, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini recently said, “I stand firm: ports closed and hearts open.” We say that’s contradictory. Take a small gift to an immigrant anywhere in the world with a note that says, “Open hearts always open doors. You are welcome here.”

176 – 40 POINTS – Perform your best magic trick in front of the Porta Alchemica in Rome.

177 – 33 POINTS – A couple in formal wedding attire doing a “cake smash” by Wedding Cake Rock. (It’s illegal to go out ON the rock, so obey the law!)

178 – 29 POINTS – Serenade a total stranger with “You Are My Sunshine” at the center of the universe in Tulsa, OK.

179 – 22 POINTS – Members of the military often sacrifice time with their families to serve our countries. It’s time we give their families some time back. You’re drafted into service for our service people. a difficult household chore for a military spouse so they can have some much-deserved R&R.

180 – 32 POINTS – A literal take on your favorite (super)hero. For example, a man ironing clothes captioned, “Iron Man” (though you can’t use that now). – Sarah N.

181 – 23 POINTS – (Up to 45 seconds) Interview the oldest person you can (must be at least 90), over a meal and get them to tell you a fond memory related to food from their early childhood.

182 – 43 POINTS – First responders serve us all, so it’s only right to return the favor. Dressed as a butler or maid, surprise your local police or fire station with coffee and breakfast.

183 – 54 POINTS – Climate change is impacting the globe, but we’re not going to stand by and let it happen without a fight! Set up a station to combat climate change in a busy pedestrian area. Provide relief in the form of cool drinks, spray bottles of cool water, a shade station, palm frond “fanning” service, etc. or, if you live somewhere chilly provide warm relief.

184 – 29 POINTS – Siri and Alexa and Cortana are always so helpful, but after being on call 24/7 for so long, lately we’ve noticed they’re all starting to get an attitude… in fact, you just caught them gossiping about you. The video will show at least two devices (for example, the Alexa and an iPhone) and we will hear them gossiping about you.

185 – 60 POINTS – A delicately hand-beaned gown. That’s not a typo.

186 – 27 POINTS – CALLING ALL GISHERS: You’re enrolled in GISH U! On Day 1 of the Hunt, everyone on your team should identify a skill you’ve always meant to learn but have NEVER tried. During the course of the Hunt, you will take one meaningful step toward learning that chosen skill. Submit a collage showing you all attempting your newfound skills.

187 – 31 POINTS – You’re just a couple of young aliens in love, taking a casual stroll across the universe at the Anchorage, AK Planet walk.

188 – 105 POINTS – In Japan exists the world’s shortest escalator, at 5 steps long. Create a shorter, but still fully motorized, escalator and apply to break the record.

189 – 88 POINTS – Bonafide architectural drawings (that can’t already be found on the Internet) for a home made from two shipping containers. Must have a kitchen, bathroom, and windows.

190 – 101 POINTS – Get Maury Povich, Dr. Phil, Montel Williams, or Lauren Lake to announce that Misha Collins is NOT (or is!) Alex Calvert’s biological father.

191 – 55 POINTS – Go UP the Puchicalator.

192 – 46 POINTS – Toilet-seat art maker Barney Smith is looking for a buyer for his museum. We think GISH is the perfect candidate to take on the museum. To help us show our interest, create a toilet-seat artwork worthy of his collection and deliver it to the museum with an application to take over (written on toilet paper. Of course.)

193 – 89 POINTS – Use a laser to melt a message at least 6 feet high into the side of a glacier or an iceberg. Your message could b something like: THE HEAT IS ON with a sun. If you are carving into an iceberg, the iceberg must be at least as big as a farmhouse. Tweet a photo of your image to @EPAAWheeler with: Hey, @EPAAWheeler! Without a habitable climate, jobs don’t matter. Invest in green solutions!

194 – 289 POINTS – A sign that says “I’m going deep for GISH!” with the GISH logo, painted in glow-in-the-dark paint, in a submersible at least 2,000 feet (610m) below sea level. We must be able to see some identifiable features of the submersible and some sea life through a window in the background of the image. The sea life species must be identified in the caption and must be something that only survives at depths of greater than 600 feet below sea level. Don’t cheat: we have oceanographic experts on staff verifying this one.

195 – 159 POINTS – Carve the GISH logo onto a panel of wood and drop it into an actual, active volcanic lava flow. Film its destruction.

196 – 32 POINTS – Nothing irks me more than hypocrisy in my politicians. Show us two side-by-side clips a politician saying or doing one thing and doing or saying its polar opposite— not as a show of a change of heart but as an example of genuine hypocritical behavior. Post your finding online and tag the politician. Note: it MUST NOT be something previously highlighted by any press outlet. If we find the contradiction has already been reported, you’ll get 0 points. (Reference)

197 – 70 POINTS – (Up to 15 seconds) GISH IS GREAT! It’s shiny! It’s NEW! It’s… really freaking hard to market, so we’re outsourcing it to you. Make a 1950s-style, 15 second commercial for gish with a snappy jingle that gets stuck in your head & gets everyone you know to sign up in 2019.

198 – 37 POINTS – 2 people dressed as sardines on a cramped airline in coach with an uncomfortable human smashed between them.

199 – 29 POINTS – Today is Random Acts’ executive director Rachel Miner’s birthday! She’s one of the fiercest, kindest people I’ve ever known. I’m also pretty sure she’s a magical creature. Digitally create a portrait of Rachel as a fairy, mermaid, or other magical creature of your choosing. Post it to social media tagged #HappyBirthdayRachel & @RachelMiner1. Send us a screenshot and put the link of your social media post in the comments section of your submission.

200 – 43 POINTS – Timmy’s has just come out with the most exciting, Canadian product ever: the Justin Trudeaunut (say it out loud. Get it? Good.) Make a donut that looks like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. It should be maple glazed, too, eh? (Sorry aboot that.) Post your creation to social media and tag it with @GISH and hashtag #Trudeaunut.

201 – 27 POINTS – It’s recently been discovered that there’s a lake on Mars. Show us a summer alien “beach day” at the lake, complete with picnicking, fishing, and swimming aliens. (You may create this as a photo, a drawing, or a digital painting.)

202 – 40 POINTS – There’s a certain angel that has a bone to pick with Mike Pence, but he needs gishers’ help to deliver his message. Starting on Tuesday, July 31 at 7:30PM, meet a GISH rep at Angel’s Flight in Downtown Los Angeles. The FIRST person on site will start Cas’ journey to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC (by passenger car or truck only. NO PLANES, TRAINS, SHIPPING SERVICES, OR BUSES). Your instructions are here:

  1. Coordinate with other gishers to pick up Flat Cas and take him at least 10 miles, but no more than 100 miles, from your starting point.
  2. On the BACK of Cas, you must write a Biblical quote about tolerance, inclusion, honesty, integrity, or making unholy alliances that you think Mike Pence might need to be reminded about. (Write small so we can fit a lot of quotes on him!)
  3. Post a pic of you, Castiel, and the gisher you’re handing him off to at a diner, rest stop, or point of interest (please geo-tag the location) along with your quote and tag @VP, @GISH, the next gisher, and use hashtag #GISHAngelsFlight.
  4. You MUST hand Cas off to the next gisher to complete your Item or you get zero points.
  5. Submit your photo with Cas to us and provide a link to your post in the comments field of the submit page. You will get 40 points if you take a picture with Cas and a sign with your team name on it, or 60 points if you take a photo with Cas and transport him (please include a side-by-side image of the map points as well). If he makes it to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, everyone who helped gets an extra 50 points. If your team successfully gets a picture with Flat Cas and Mike Pence or Donald Trump, every team who helped will get an extra 50 points.

203 – 23 POINTS – Movies often have easter eggs in them; it’s time we returned the favor. Create a panoramic sugar Easter egg featuring a scene from your favorite horror movie.

204 – 19 POINTS – If I only had a brain… (

205 – 89 POINTS – Ocean pollution sucks! In fact, 71% of seabirds and 30% of turtles have been found with plastics in their stomachs, much of it from single-use straws. Collect used straws until the end of the Hunt and on the final day, build the largest actual-sized sea animal sculpture you can out of what you’ve collected. You may NOT purchase straws to use for this- they MUST be recycled. (Please handle with gloves and wash/sterilize them well.)

206 – 43 POINTS – Relax & unwind! A person in a lounge chair, sipping a drink out of a coconut, at the central point of Spiral Jetty.

207 – 71 POINTS – Knit a sweater or scarf from dog or cat hair.

208 – 35 POINTS – An origami paper crane. Not the bird crane, the construction machine crane.

209 – 79 POINTS – Get an on-air TV news program to report on an act of kindness you did during the Hunt this must be broadcast on a program with at least 50,000 viewers (not public access). They must mention your team, what you did and GISH in the report. And remember: NO FAKE NEWS!

210 – 41 POINTS – A perfectly rendered Etch-a-Sketch drawing of an iPad desktop, complete with apps.

211 – 62 POINTS – An item compliments of the Gish Gnomes: Among her many passions (acting, dog rescuing, ice cream) Hilary Swank likes two other things: (1) to find unique toys for her bird Seuss and (2) Misha Collins (but says she never sees him enough). Let’s help her with both of her needs. Create a bird toy that looks like Misha Collins. She’ll select her favorites from the submissions and have them shipped to her so she can watch Misha’s face nibbled on by her bird every day. She’ll film it and post the progress. (Here’s an image of a toy to inspire you… but now you need to make one that looks like a Misha toy.)

212 – 42 POINTS – A menstrual pad superhero. BONUS: Donate at least as many pads/tampons as you use to a local shelter.

213 – 28 POINTS – It’s time for the first-ever FOG Awards! Find another team that has done any Item (that’s been allowed to be posted on social media) that you particularly admire and award them a Fellowship of Outstanding Gishing Award, complete with a virtual trophy or certificate. Post it on social media and tell them what you admire & tag them. You may do as many as you like, but submit a screenshot of just one of these.

214 – 37 POINTS – Over the course of the Hunt, you have accomplished so much! From overcoming fears to taking on the impossible to helping change hundreds of lives, this week has been a LOT. So for this Item, we want you to reflect on yourself – literally. Make a collage around your reflection on a mirror that reflects all the good things about you and your teammates & what you’ve accomplished this week. (You may submit a single gisher doing this as your Item or submit a collage of as many teammates as you like doing this.)

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